Hiroshima Innovation Network Inc. (HINet), established with full financing from the Hiroshima Prefectural Government, is a company that manages investment funds. Our objective is to contribute to economic development in Hiroshima Prefecture by providing growth capital and management resources to companies and businesses that contribute to industrial promotion in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Some of Japan’s leading manufacturing industries, such as automobile manufacturing and shipbuilding, are well-established in Hiroshima Prefecture. Many mid-level small to medium businesses with superior technology (so-called “only-one companies”), as well as diversified powerful businesses including service, can also be found in Hiroshima. However, various challenges exist: international competition has increased rapidly with the rise of China and Korea, the Japanese population continues to decrease, Japan faces an aging populace with a low birthrate, and people have been migrating to metropolitan areas. The business environment, therefore, is expected to become increasingly harsh for industries in Hiroshima Prefecture. It could be said we are now in a time of change, with “Challenge”, “Change”, and “Innovation” being required more than ever.

Against this background, HINet implements growth strategies for companies and offers support to bring out potential growth capability. To this end, we will do following:

  • - Provide growth capital and management resources to companies;
  • - Focus on superior technologies that companies possess or something innovative; and
  • - Supply the missing elements and remove limiting factors for growth for each business.

We are also firmly linked with the local community and closely coordinate with local financial institutions and the local industrial community to discover opportunities and offer proposals so as to better contribute to industrial development in Hiroshima Prefecture. With these goals, we aim to manage investment operations with a view to expanding investees' business operations nationwide and even worldwide.

We intend to do our best not only to contribute to the growth of investees and economic development in Hiroshima Prefecture, but also to be able to provide a good example of regional success which will help energize Japan.